Friday, May 21, 2010

Just a quick post...

Here's more yarn I received for Christmas. It's Berroco's Ultra Alpaca. I've only used it once before (see socks in previous post), but I really like the thickness, and the colours are fantastic. First is "Potting Soil", "Lobster", and "Salt & Pepper".
I'll have to make a knitting list for this Christmas. Having spent four months with my parents, and taking care of my Dad, has make me feel a lot closer to my family. I really want to take the time to knit something for each (immediate) family member this year (and maybe a few more for the little ones). I've already started a scarf for hubby.

Friday, May 07, 2010

New socks for me!

Here's a new pair of socks I finished when I was at my parents. I used Berroco's Ultra Alpaca in Lavender (which was a Christmas gift from hubby). Sophie couldn't resist being part of the picture.
I'll have to do a sock inventory sometime soon, as I seem to have quite a few pairs worn out, or with what seems like the start of holes in them. When I moved in the new house, I cleaned up my stash and I'm not sure if I have yarn to darn them. Oh well, I guess I might have to knit for myself for a change...