Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Applelaine

About two weeks ago I ordered more Applelaine from Pick-up Sticks, but just didn't have much time to post about it (also had to play with my new camera). I bought 3 skeins of each colour. The top colour is called Eye Candy, and the bottom is Winter Dawn. Of course, this is going in the sock yarn stash and someone will have new socks for Christmas. Hubby really likes the Winter Dawn, but so does my sister. I must admit I really like it too.
My sister-in-law had hinted that she wouldn't be upset if she got an alpaca hat. A while ago, she lost her favourite hat ever, which was made of alpaca (not hand-knitted, mind you) and kept her real warm during those nasty canadian winters. Although she claims to hate winter, they've always lived in cities that have heavy snowfall during the winter. As she kindly reminded us on our wedding day, we mustn't forget that it's not only our anniversary, but also her birthday. So here you go, happy belated birthday Sandra! (Yes I know I haven't mailed it yet, as I just finished it.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lilac festival

This weekend was our fifth wedding anniversary. My husband decided to do a surprise day trip to the Royal Botanical Garden's Lilac Festival. It was stunning! Sadly, since my chronic sinusitis, my sense of smell has been greatly affected and I could only smell the stronger varieties. Still, it was fabulous and just perfect for me to test my new digital camera. Much better close-ups!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Meeting Elisabetha from Bamboo Sticks

On Saturday, Sophie and I met Elisabetha from Bamboo Sticks. She was part of a Craft Fair at Good Catch. Unfortunately, Sophie was a little grumpy (and I'm being generous here) that day, and was not showing her best behaviour. For some reason, she doesn't like hands moving much, therefore people who speak with their hands got barked at (bad pup!). So when Elisabetha tried to shake hands with me, she got barked at (and I was really embarassed). When I paid her for the wonderful things I bought from her (see here), (and here), and she handed my change back.... bark, bark again. Elisabetha, I'm so, so sorry Sophie was so badly behaved! I was so looking forward to meeting you, and this rotten little pup's behaviour rushed our meeting. You were really nice about it and didn't make a big deal about it, but really Sophie was a little pest that day. So sorry!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sophie's new friend

Here's Sophie's new friend, Mila. She's a mini Daschund, and almost three months. Sophie insisted I knit a little sweater for her new friend, so here it is...

I'll have to knit her a new one when fall comes, and this time I'll make it longer to cover her body properly, and I'll have to watch for the leg location. I think this one's legs were too close together. Her movements seemed restricted when she was walking with her sweater on. Maybe I'll look for a breed specific pattern. I wonder if it exist...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wild yarn

Knitters are definitely a wild bunch! I had read about Nomad Yarns (camel hair that is gathered, and handspun by nomads in Mongolia) in Vogue Kitting, but when I looked at their website, it was just at it's infancy and hadn't much information and no retailer list yet. Now it's full of information on the yarn, the process, retailers, kits available, etc.

Then I started thinking "Hmmmmm I wonder what other "wild yarn" is available?". So I started googling and found: Muskox, and Buffalo, Guanacos, Llama, and Yak, I even thought I found Moose yarn but then found out it's the name they give to the yarn, it's not actually made of moose.

Let me know if you find more...