Sunday, August 27, 2006

Frustrating lace attempts

I finally decided it was time for me to try lacing. Try is the key word here. After spending some time selecting a pattern I'd like, and that wouldn't be too complicated, I decided on Caribbean Scarf. Seemed easy enough: some knit, some purl, knit 3 together, yarnover, nothing I haven't done before. One my first attempt, I noticed I had 40 sts on instead of 41 after a few rows ( it was my swatch). Second attempt, same results but further along. No big deal, I'll frog it and start over. Third attempt, after about eight rows I had 3 sts missing. That's it, I'm laced out for today!


elisabetha said...

Don't give up! try writing it out in a chart...that helps me because I'm a visual person. The results are worth it!
I'm working on a lace pattern right now too, and there's a good chart that is provided with it, maybe the format will help you if you're interested:

Charles said...

I felt same thing too!!! When i start knitting "Branching Out" lace scarf..I made a so much mistaken!! Theo one row took me almost three hours? Too much!! because a of the total number came out diffent number they ask!!!.. It have to be come out 31sts..i got a 28 stitch total..SOO DAME thing!!! But after all the time i try, I find why i this happen!! after that it is so easy to knit!!!

I guess you need more practice..Like i did..more time more better!!GOOD LUCK!!

RoadSide said...

Keep trying!! I just finished Branching Out, now im feeling very adventurous so I started the Kiri Shawl becuase Ive read it was pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Well, after many tinks and rips I realized that I cant do lace without life lines and placing markers to keep track of pattern repeats and center stithces. The markers are really helpful in noticing early if you are off a stitch or two, instead of realizing it a few rows later. It also helps to just step away from the lace if you get frustrated and pick it up again when youre feeling better.