Sunday, August 26, 2007

Broken camera

I have been without a camera for about a week now. DH took it for a long bike ride, and surprise, when he got to his destination the camera wouldn't turn on. Luckily, it's still on warranty and will either be repaired or replaced.

The day before the infamous ride, I had finished a pair of socks and took some pics. This is now my third pair of socks with Applelaine (this colour is called Winter Dawn), and I just love this yarn. I'm quite happy with the way the colours blend with each other, with no big patches of colours. I don't quite like to have big patches of coulour that move around the foot. I will frog and start all over until I get an acceptable spread of colour.
Until I get a functional camera, here are my latest yarn purchases. Two skeins of Applelaine's Apple Pie Army Surplus, and two skeins of Apple Pie Blueberry.
I've also been knitting a sweater for my Mom, and another pair of socks with Sweet Georgia yarn. Pics at a later time...sigh


Dave said...

Isn't Apple Pie nice? I love it. I actually did a pair in that same colourway, but they came out looking a little more yellow. Must have been a different dye lot. But yes, no weird pooling or blotches -- lovely stuff.

RoadSide said...

I keep forgetting about the Applelaine yarn.. I have to get some! :) your socks look so great