Monday, October 08, 2007

I can't believe October is here!

I can't believe October is here! With this beautiful weather, it still feels like August. That would explain why I'm late starting my Christmas knitting. Yes, it is time to knit for Christmas gifts. Just less than three months to go.

Since this warm weather is bound to come to an end (as early as tomorrow), I decided to pick up an almost forgotten project, and complete it: Sophie's blanket. Despite the breaking record heat outside, Sophie insisted on trying it out to "see if it fits". Looks like it's to the queen's satisfaction, and won't be frogged.

I also have been knitting (surprise, surprise) a pair of socks. The yarn used is from Applelaine and the colour is appropriately called blueberry. Ir really reminds me of the different hues of a blueberry. The new socks are modelled by my husband, as the recipient has much larger feet than me.


dickie said...

Sophie is so cute! =) She looks like she enjoys her blanket.

elisabetha said...

glad to see sophie is still loving her blankies!! great job on the socks. did you manage to find out what the japanese words are? ;)

oishii - delicious
genki - strong, well, healthy

i am starting my christmas knitting as well. only 3 months to go! ahh!!

RoadSide said...

Awesome socks! Sophie is so cute!! She kind of has a "dont mess with me when Im in my blankie" look :)