Sunday, September 23, 2007

And it's done

Well after my fifth time frogging the one sock, there it is, the completed pair modeled by my sister. In a previous post, I had mistakenly mentioned the colour as Angels, but it's actually Libertine (quite a difference in terms, sorry if I offended any angels or libertines!).
In other knitterly news, I have started a sweater for my Mom. We were discussing projects we had knitted in the past, and she mentionned that sweater. She remembered it was quite comfortable, but unfortunately it is now a bit too short around the waist area. Luckily, I had some cotton waiting to be knitted into something.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Just frogging....

For some reason, my Sweet Georgia socks are not looking the same. For years now I've been knitting both socks at the same time, just to make sure they're (almost) exactly the same (sizewise, and patternwise). For the fourth time, I've frogged the one sock that had an area where the stripe pattern was breaking and forming a spot instead. I think this time it's looking like stripes, but a bit more diagonal than the other sock. Oh well, at least it's stripes...Grrrrr!

Monday, September 03, 2007

New sock goes to Thousand Islands

I got my repaired camera back on time for our weekend trip to Thousand Island. I have also started a pair of socks, and decided to pull a Yarn Harlot shot. The shot was taken after it got too dark to knit, and when traffic started slowing down. What was supposed to be a three hour drive, took almost an extra hour (and that's with one fifteen minute stop). The yarn is Sweet Georgia, and is called Angels. It was part of my birthday yarnmania purchases.

The town where we stayed in the Thousand Island area is called Gananoque. It's a beautiful town, but it feels empty without a yarn store (or at least not in the main part of the town). We went for a boat tour in one of the big tourist boats the first day, and chartered a small boat the next day. The chartered tour was much more pleasant and Captain Dave, a lifelong resident, had lots of interesting annectdotes about the area. On top of all the expected cottages owned by rich and/or somewhat famous people, Captain Dave added some local history and ecology.

Unfortunately, Sophie didn't come with us, but here's where she would have waited outside when we went for ice cream at Nana Splitz.

This is the cottage I really like, as it reminds me of my grand-parent's house in New-Brunswick. Of course, their house wasn't built on a semi-private island.