Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New pairs of socks

A few weeks ago, an old "friend" decided to show up uninvited: arthritis. My hands and feet were all puffy, stiff and painful. After a visit to my family doctor, I was back on anti-inflamatory after a twelve year break. After a week on it, I was less swollen, feeling better but still had some pain. He told me about this new painkiller on the market that seems to be exactly what I needed. I would be his first patient to use it, and he seemed quite confident it would help me. He was right, Ralivia took care of the pain, and now I'm off the anti-inflamatories. This drug is as precise as a swiss watch. It's a slow release for 24 hours, and it's painkilling effects wear off in almost exactly 24 hours. Anyways, all of that to say if your current arthritis treatment no longer satisfies you, there are new treatments available.

Now that I'm knitting again, I finished two pairs of socks, and both are for myself. They're both made with Applelaine yarn, which knits up (and washes) so wonderfully. I've had great comments from the people who received my Applelaine socks this Christmas.
This first pair is "Purple Haze", and for some reason seems a bit darker on this picture than it actually is. The colour is more of a lavendar tone. I've also put the sock on an antique sock stretcher I found in Mont St-Hilaire this summer. I always thought that my feet were small but the stretcher is smaller than the sock.

The second pair is in "Cotton Candy" and the colour name served as my inspiration. I could just see the sugar crystals forming in the cotton candy, and then from candy I thought of candy wrappers. So off I went cabling alternating candy wrappers. I'm content of the results, but I should have knitted a few stockinette rows in between the top row and the second row of candy wrappers. The candy wrappers would be more visible, as they now seem to meet and twist sohewhat.

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