Monday, June 12, 2006

Koigu socks progress

This is the sock I had to start over. I had under-estimated the width of my foot, and ankle, thus making it kinda snug all around. Nevertheless, I still love the colorways, and it's taking me a bit longer to knit because I keep stopping to admire the colors.
I have noticed a change in my knitting habits and/or philosophy since I'm not working. Knitting used to be a way for me to relax, to get rid of the stress after a long day at work. I preferred uncomplicated and rather quick projects, without much caring about the yarn type or color. A plain scarf in one color was my favorite thing to knit, and I knitted plenty for a local women's shelter.
These days, I am more attracted to (or at least I like to think I do) slightly more complicated projects, or stitches (yes, I know my last and current socks were as basic as it gets). I've also noticed that I tend to appreciate the yarn color and texture a lot more than I used to. I'm not as concerned about the quantity of knitting I get done, as much as the quality of my knitting. In general, I enjoy my knitting a lot more, and get more satisfaction out of it


elisabetha said...

I've noticed that too! Knitting's like wine...the more you drink the more flavor you get out of it. I cringe when I see chunky acrylic yarns now.

Ooohh socks...I'll have to start knitting my first pair very soon!

Knit Picking said...

Oh you must, you must, you must! Both Lettuce Knit, and Romni Wools offer classes too if you don't feel comfortable learning from a pattern.