Monday, January 01, 2007

Looking back at 2006

How would I describe my 2006 in one word? Productive!

After a one year merger where I worked, I got a nice package at the end of January 2006. That's when I realized just how much I had missed spending time with my family and friends, but mostly spending time with myself. I had just been too busy for the past four years to spend time anywhere but at work, and decided I would not rush back to find a new job (besides, when would I get the chance to have time off once I found a new job?). Before I was laid off, I had a wishlist of things I wanted to do after I would be laid off (been through mergers before, and knew it was coming soon). Towards the top of my list was knitting, and knitting I did! I made eight items for the Dulaan project, and knitted sixteen Christmas gifts... not to mention four pairs of socks for myself, and three blankets for my dog Sophie (getting a dog was on my wishlist as well). Yup, I did a bit of knitting in 2006...

Wishing you all a Happy New Knitting Year!

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