Sunday, January 21, 2007

New socks with Apple Laine

Around the Holidays I found a new online yarn shop, and really liked some of the yarn. I bought some Apple Laine in "Pastel Petals HP Lite", and made these socks with it.

The other colour I bought is from Claudia and it's called "Toast" (sorry the pic is no longer available on the site). My husband loves the name and the colours and strongly hinted that he wouldn't be angry with Santa if he got a pair of socks with this yarn next year. The fun thing with making or buying things in advance for my husband is that by the time he opens the gifts, he doesn't even remember trying it on. I think he'd get surprised even if he'd wore it for a week, and I'd wrap it and gave it to him in a few months.

I had also purchased a third colour from the Claudia collection, but it looked different when I received it. Not a problem, I was immediately offered a credit or exchange, and my postage would be refunded too. I was quite satisfied with that service, and will certainly purchase from Pick-Up Sticks again. Although I'm not used to knit with fingering weight, the Apple Laine turned out quite nice, and there are a few other real nice colours I like. But first, I gotta go through my stash, and try to knit from it: I'm running out of storage space.


Connie said...

Your socks are beautiful - I haven't seen any of the Lite colors knit up so this was a treat! Thank you also for the story about your grandmother - both my mom and grandmother taught me how to knit. My grandma is still alive and marvels every day that I am actually selling yarn online. I told her I sent some yarn to Italy and her comment was - I didn't know the internet went that far? Cute, eh?

Jane said...

Very nice socks! I know how to make them but seldom knit socks as my sister has made dozens of them for me. She loves to knit socks and she's actually the one who taught me to knit. Great Job