Sunday, November 25, 2007

New needles, and another Webkinz sweater

Here are my new customized needles. Signature Needle Arts. lets you chose the size, tip, lenght and cap of your needles. I chose the stiletto tip, and it's just perfect for the my "tight knitting". The colour of the needles is determined by the size. Mine were 4.5, and the cap is spiral. They really slide well, and I'm thinking of investing in another pair. Including shipping, it's an affordable $38 luxury.

I have made another sweater for my nieces Webkinz. I may knit one for each of their pet (eight in total, not counting what they'll get for Christmas). One of them asked me if I would knit one for her friend's Webkinz too. I may knit a few so they may give them as Christmas presents to their friends.


dickie said...

I saw tried out those needles @ Stitches Midwest. I was totally tempted to buy them. I loved how weighty and smooth they were.

elisabetha said...

i'm new to this webkinz thing. but the sweaters are just adorables! your nieces are darn lucky to have you as an aunt.

by the way, sophie is right...i do need a dog on my lap. maybe she'd like th make the trip over to japan? ;)