Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Since I'm done with my Christmas knitting, all I've been knitting are scarves. I can't exactly blame it on the cold, as we've been having both cold and warm days. Maybe I just needed something quick and easy to knit...

I've knitted this one to go with my winter coat. It's from Wisdom Yarn's Poem, colour 571. I used three balls, but I should have bought four. I like my scarves to be on the longish side.

This one, I made for my friend John in St Louis who's battling cancer. I also made him a hat to go with it, but the picture where my husband was modelling the hat was atrocious. This one is made with Paton's SWS in Natural Earth, and I used four balls.

The last scarf, which I just finished, is for a little girl whose been long awaited for. My husband's colleague and her husband were unable to have children, so they adopted a little girl from India. The adoption process was long and frustrating for them, as they had to deal with multiple delays, and two additional (unplanned) trips to India. Finally, little Uma got home and a newly formed family has been quite happy together. I've used SWS in Natural Plum.

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