Friday, March 17, 2006

Cabled socks are done!

Stayed up late last night and finished the cabled socks. After a closer look at the label, I discovered that the color is called "Beetroot". What a delicious name! My cats graciously agreed to pose for this one, so you can see Jules (top) and ChloƩ (bottom) pretending to be asleep (yeah right!). Sorry, the picture looks a bit dark, as they claimed too much light would make them look greyish. Silly cats!

Now the knit-picking starts: although I like the cabling on the socks, I don't like the way it stretches. Obviously, there's more of a stretch at the ankle, than the toes (and I'm not complaining about fat ankles, they're quite proportionate). But still! Maybe my cables are too tight, or too close together. Not quite sure what the problem is, but I'm willing to attempt another pair since I'm keeping this one for myself. Next pair I'll try maybe a longer cable.

Must cast on......

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