Friday, March 24, 2006

Stop all projects! Sophie is here!

On Sunday the 19th, I became the proud owner of little Miss "Sophie". She's a 4 month old Chihuahua. When I took her to the vet, the scale tipped at a huge 1.4 pounds. Because of their small size, and how low to the ground they are, Chihuahuas tend to get cold very quickly. Even short trips, such as taking her to the store, are enough to get her all shivering. I stopped all projects, and knitted her a cute little "moss stitch" blanket in a grey and off-white blend. She quite likes her blankie, and she wags her little tail whenever I cover her with it. I think this pup will have a collection of blankies to keep her warm. I'm working on a second blankie in "rib stitch", striped blue and a grey and off-white mix.
Even though spring has been in the forecast for this year, it is still a bit cold out for this little canine. I will have to spend some time finding a pattern for a suitable sweater or coat to keep this tiny little body cozy and warm..

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