Sunday, April 29, 2007

Long due update

I've been real busy for the past few weeks. It's our fiscal year-end at work, and they are extremely thorough about it. Nothing must be left uncompleted, unexplained, and everything must be documented. Mind you, the perfectionist in me has nothing against it, except it took away a fair bit of my knitting time. I was glad to see Friday evening arrive, but was too tired to knit.

In knitting news, I completed Sophie's blanket, or at least the knitting part of it. I still have to take care of those loose ends. I've also learned that my friend Nathalie will have a baby boy, so I'll be knitting boy clothes for the end of August, or beginning of September. Saturday I started a little blanket, and will probably be posting pictures later when I buy a new camera. I'm getting tired of my camera not taking good close-up, so if yours is great for close-up please drop me a line and let me know what model you have. Back to knitting, YAY!


dickie said...

can't wait to see pictures of the blanket. =)

elisabetha said...

My camera is not extremely good for close-ups, but I've found that if you stand further away and zoom in (As opposed to standing close to the object) the resolution is better.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog!! but don't worry, I promise to document all my japanese adventures, so I won't be so far away (virtually at least!!) as for japanese craft booty...hehehhh.....let me know if you've any requests ;)