Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wild yarn

Knitters are definitely a wild bunch! I had read about Nomad Yarns (camel hair that is gathered, and handspun by nomads in Mongolia) in Vogue Kitting, but when I looked at their website, it was just at it's infancy and hadn't much information and no retailer list yet. Now it's full of information on the yarn, the process, retailers, kits available, etc.

Then I started thinking "Hmmmmm I wonder what other "wild yarn" is available?". So I started googling and found: Muskox, and Buffalo, Guanacos, Llama, and Yak, I even thought I found Moose yarn but then found out it's the name they give to the yarn, it's not actually made of moose.

Let me know if you find more...

1 comment:

Charles said...

Did you see Qiviuk price?
$75 per oz!! WOW!! Too much!!

Did anybody making swater with this!!! O God~~~

I find the this website:
They sell baby Camel $4.50 per oz
and also Yak for $3.75 per oz