Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Meeting Elisabetha from Bamboo Sticks

On Saturday, Sophie and I met Elisabetha from Bamboo Sticks. She was part of a Craft Fair at Good Catch. Unfortunately, Sophie was a little grumpy (and I'm being generous here) that day, and was not showing her best behaviour. For some reason, she doesn't like hands moving much, therefore people who speak with their hands got barked at (bad pup!). So when Elisabetha tried to shake hands with me, she got barked at (and I was really embarassed). When I paid her for the wonderful things I bought from her (see here), (and here), and she handed my change back.... bark, bark again. Elisabetha, I'm so, so sorry Sophie was so badly behaved! I was so looking forward to meeting you, and this rotten little pup's behaviour rushed our meeting. You were really nice about it and didn't make a big deal about it, but really Sophie was a little pest that day. So sorry!


elisabetha said...

it was so nice meeting you and sophie!! and don't worry about sophie's behaviour, i'm sure she just wanted you all to herself - lol. She's such a cute little darling i don't think anyone could stay mad at her. Anyway, i'm so glad to have met you at last - hope you enjoy the cards and the purse! cheers :)

Charles said...

YOU meet her? IT is great to meet other blogger from our Knitting world..I wish icould meet you some day too!!