Monday, December 03, 2007

Need Yarn!

For some strange reason, I had a craving for colorful yarn yesterday. I have a reasonable stash, but somehow nothing seemed colorful enough. So, I braved the snow storm and made my way to Romni wool ( and managed not to get the traditional parking ticket). My eyes were satisfied with the colour feast, and I managed to come back home with enough yarn to make three scarves: from Wisdom Yarns, Poems colour 553; from Patons, SWS in Natural Earth; from Katia, Dulce Plus in colour 52.
On with the scarves...

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elisabetha said...

oh romni wool!! i miss it so! there is nothing like it anywhere near me. so glad to see your progress on the holiday knitting...i'm speeding through mine as fast as possible. only 2 more days to go!!