Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cold, and felting project

This is what my windows looked like this morning. It looks like some mutant white fern is growing in my windows, but unfortunately, all that beauty is an indication of how it feels like outside: cold. Southern Ontario is under snow storm warning, and we're expecting about 25cm of snow for Toronto, and a bit more in the areas surrounding the city.

This my pre-felted Nintendo case. I currently only have a slider to protect it, so I've knitted this for it. I also thought it could be a quick first felted project. I must admit that I'm a bit intimidated by the felting process, as I've never done it before. Yes, I am a felting virgin!


elisabetha said...

good luck with the felting -- it is quite scary but don't worry, we are all here to support you :) it will turn out great!!

snow...i am so jealous. i wish it would snow here too. but do take care and stay warm!

Charles said...

Hey Knit Picking~~~

I Just want to say have a great MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Hope and wises....


Jane said...

Happy Holidays to you! I hope the felting came out OK. I've felted before, but it was NOT on purpose :-)