Monday, March 12, 2007

The huge Knitomatic sale

I had seen on their blog Knitomatic Knitomatic was having a huge sale. It stated "We're digging into the yarns of years past in our basement and putting it all on SUPER SALE!" I really didn't expect such huge discounts. There was boxes, after boxes of yarn at $1 a ball. A woman has no chance to win against such a monstrous sale, so I gave up and bought 24 balls at $1. My mom who's visiting, and my sister bought even more. We came back home laughing all the way at the deals we had. I think I'm going to start digging holes in the walls to store all that yarn. For the past month I have been binge buying like crazy.

Soon, you'll start seeing me posting baby knits. No, I'm not pregnant, but my friend Natalie is. I taught her how to knit about 4 years ago, and since then she's mostly been knitting baby sweaters for vatious other friends who had babies. Needless to say, she's not in the mood to knit more baby stuff.


elisabetha said...

ooooh i missed that sale...and i knew i'd be kicking myself for missing it. All weekend I was thinking about it :( I'm glad you got your binge though, it makes me feel a bit better knowing you've indulged, at least!
(and love your little "you know you want more yarn" /dancing cat icon on the sidebar!)

Do try the Weekend Knitting baby pullover pattern, it's very easy and simple and I quite like the button effect. And baby sizes are just sooo cute!

Sean said...

there is something so amazingly wonderful about $1 yarn!!!

Carmel said...

Well said.