Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tiny sock

Look what came all the way from Paris (Texas, that is). My tiny sock! It came cheerfully packaged in a goodie bag, and the nicest letter from my secret pal, Renna. Unfortunately, she might not have a blog (didn't see a blog address) so I can't link to her.

She made my tiny sock with Bernat Sox yarn. I had no clue that Bernat made sock yarn, and that it's that soft. Renna stated that she's a new knitter, but I think she did a pretty good job with her sock. Don't you think?

The red candy is an Anderson's Peanut Rounder, and it's produced in Blossom Texas. Renna says that Blossom is "one of those places where if you blink you'll miss it". Can't wait to eat it!


Jane said...

That is a very cute little sock! This "Tiny sock" thing is really a hoot! I can't imagine how small your double pointed glove needles would have to be to get that result. Really adorable.

Rennagayle said...

Oh, I'm so glad the little box finally made it's way to you. I was a bit late getting it mailed (picture blushed face here). It dawned on me after mailing it that I didn't think to even include an e-mail address.

I am blogless, for now, anyway. I hope to start one soon, as there seem to be so many nice people in blogland. :-)

I'm glad you like your sock, and I appreciate the nice things you said. Oh, and I'm glad you posted a picture of it, because I forgot to take one beore I sent it. I'll 'borrow' yours. ;-)

God bless,

elisabetha said...

the sock is adorable! what a fun idea for an exchange. happy april!

KBlicious said...

i think renna did a beautiful job!!! this was such a great exchange!!!!