Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Forget about that pattern!

Last night I gave up on Sophie's red SoHo Cabled coat. That pattern doesn't know it's head from its tail. It tells you to K1, P1, cont rib, but when you look at the picture, it's clearly K2, P2. Also, when it comes time to increase and make space for the legs, it doesn't even indicate clearly that you have to put the legs on stitch holders. Anywho, to make a long story short, I improvised for the rest of the coat, but, when it came time for Sophie's approval, the coat was rejected. Putting it on was a bit of a struggle, as it was a bit snug, but taking it off caused a growl (and not a pretty one either). I've unravelled the coat ( I know I should have taken a picture), and will look for a better pattern.

The recent cooling of the air got me in the mood for knitting scarves. I started this very-easy-can-knit-with-your-eyes-closed scarf. It's a very nice bouclé by Bernat called Galaxy. The color I'm using is called Mercury (color on pic really doesn't do it justice, so please feel free to see for yourself at

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