Friday, April 28, 2006

Preemie hats count

So far, only six.
I have been busy with Sophie, my 5 month old Chihuahua: training her to overcome her separation anxiety. So far it has not been so successful, and I must practice every day. She's so compact, that I'm used to take her with me everywhere it's acceptable (no, not doing the Paris Hilton thing, Celtic Knitter :P. She gives Chihuahua owners a bad name). Also, she's just so excited to discover the world, that I can't help but wanting to expose her to as many different environment as possible (apparently good for socialisation). My vet says she's well socialized, and doesn't display any of the yappy little dog's more stereotypically unpleasant behaviours (shaking, whining, yapping, etc.), but I'd like her to be a bit more independent and learn to stay by herself. Maybe she needs a hobby. Hmmmmm.....knitting?

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Celtic Knitter said...

yeah, teach her knitting! LOL Oh, come on, you could do the Paris Hilton thing :)