Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cool Buddha Tonic Yarn!

Look at the amazing yarn I got in the mail today! This picture really doesn't do justice to the richness of the colors, sadly so (my camera really sucks). Charles at Cool Buddha Tonic dyes his own yarns. He is quite multi-talented, as you can see yourself from his blog. He also included a handmade card, which I'm tempted to frame and hang in my new office.
I'm not quite sure what I will be knitting, but I'm sure it will be for me. The beautiful shades of lavender, lilac and purples in this yarn are just my favourite! There is a feeling of sweetness to it, and Charles, quite appropriately named it Sweetness Memories. I just love the names he comes up with for his yarns!


Charles said...

Thank You so much!!! Iam gread you like the yarn!!!!
I find some pattern you maybe try it with this new yarn!!! The yarn is 880yrd so!! Try knit any lacy!!!

1. "Clapotis" from Kate Gillbert
It will be stand out with this


2. "Wave and shell shawl" by Laurie
This is simple lace shawl!!


3."Princess Lace Wrap" by Betsy
IF you like clsssic style, You maybe like this!!!

Go TO:'Princess%20Lace%20wrap'

Iam really looking for seeing the pattern you will be get with this handpainted yarn!!!

RoadSide said...

Im loving that yarn! I think I may have to pay a little visit to Charles' website and get me some too.....I just read today about Sophies leg...I hope its healing nicely and Im glad she didnt get hurt any more extensively-- Ive had a few shopping cart accidents myself, so I feel her pain : )

Jason said...

Have you checked out Knitting Pattern Central for lace projects? There are tons of them. :-)

Knit Picking said...

Thanks Charles and Jason for your lace pattern suggestions. Are you guys trying to convert me to lace? LOL Honestly, the only lace I've done so far have been borders on sweaters, scarves, socks etc. I've never done an entire item in lace. The Princess Lace Wrap seems easy enough, and I also like the Caribbean Scarf from Jason's link. I might need a trip at the library or LYS to look at other basic patterns.