Friday, July 07, 2006

Sophie update

Sophie's bandage has been removed, and her paw seems to be healing well. In order for her not to lick the wound, and to allow it to dry, she was given a cone to wear. The plastic apparatus was making her quite disoriented, not to mention frustrated. After another visit to the vet, she was outfitted with an "Elizabethan collar". This collar is not as rigid, and can be worn up or down. Her frustration level has gone down a bit, and she can walk around the house with dignity... well, almost.

In knitting news, I completed the Socks That Rock socks in "Carbon Dating", and have started a new pair in "Seal Rock".


Jason said...

Awww! That is cute! :-) She seems to be standing on all four feet without any problem. That's good.

I wonder if they have a "Elizabethan Collar" for a 100 lb. Golden Retriever? :-)

Knit Picking said...

Yup she's getting slowly back to her little diva-self. As for the collar, I'm sure they do, as this one is the smallest, and I had to secure it tightly with a pin so it doesn't fall off (or she pulls herself out of it).
I love Golden Retrievers :D