Sunday, July 23, 2006

Simple Stripes socks

This week's hot weather has not slowed down my knitting much. I managed to complete yet another pair of socks, this time with Knit Picks Simple Stripes in Blue Jeans. This pair will be a Christmas present for one of my sisters. The heel looks a bit weird on this picture because of the way it was laying on the branches of my dwarf lilac bush. The weather was somewhat cloudy, which explains the washed-out quality of the picture.

Next project!


elisabetha said...

Wow, you knit so fast! And knitting simply transcends seasons - there's nothing like sitting by the pool with a big wool sweater on the lap :p

Charles said...

Really lovely!!! I never knit socks before but iam little bit of scarry about the start knitting socks...I seem really hard for me!!! Can you give me advice? What do i start first? For your first pair socks,what pattern you will recommend to begainer? I NEED YOU HELP!!!

Knit Picking said...

Thanks Elisabetha!

Charles: You knit amazing lace and you're scared of knitting socks? :O Try this link, and you'll find lots of sock patterns. The easiest would be Gary's socks. I have not tried toe up socks, but Jason did and he really likes it. He said it was a little bit awkward at the beginning. You might also want to check this amazing link that he posted once
Good luck, and happy knitting!

Jason said...

Violets by the River. :: nudge, nudge ::

Knit Picking said...

LOL Jason you are too funny! Mind you, I wouldn't mind it as a stole. It could be a challenge to get the corners to merge in nicely.