Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby hat

I've noticed that the woman whose job I'll be taking over when she's on maternity leave, has really been gaining weight recently, and looks increasingly tired. The baby is due around the canadian Thanksgiving (October 10th, I believe), but I'm convinced she's not gonna make it to that date. So I've decided to start knitting things for the baby for a while. Here's a little hat.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Simple Stripes socks

This week's hot weather has not slowed down my knitting much. I managed to complete yet another pair of socks, this time with Knit Picks Simple Stripes in Blue Jeans. This pair will be a Christmas present for one of my sisters. The heel looks a bit weird on this picture because of the way it was laying on the branches of my dwarf lilac bush. The weather was somewhat cloudy, which explains the washed-out quality of the picture.

Next project!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ball winding, and surfing pup

Look at the fun I had this weekend with my new toys. I had a few skeins that needed to be winded into neat little balls, including Charles' yarn (still haven't decided on a lace pattern for it). That's about the only exercise I had this weekend, except for a dip in the pool.

Speaking of dip in the pool, I think you'll agree that Sophie has recovered well from her broken toes...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Great buys day

Yesterday was a great stash enhancement day. I went to Romni Wools for their summer sale, and found a basement full of bargains. I bought enough DGB Confetti yarn (at $3.75 a ball) to make five pairs of socks. My husband wasted no time pointing out the colours he prefers, should I be tempted to knit him a pair or two.

I also bought a wool winder and a reeling machine. I had been envious of Kenny's since he blogged about it (June 02 entry) , and I have been purchasing a lot of skeins in the past few months. This will certainly come in handy. I also bought a book of traditional lace shawls. I may have found a project (not too complicated) in there to use Charles yarn.

Late last night, I also finished the second Socks That Rock pair of socks. The left sock is with Seal Rock colour, and the right sock is in Carbon Dated. I really like knitting this yarn, and I like the colours as well. I only wish the colourways would not make stripe patterns, and the colours would be spread all over the sock.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sophie update

Sophie's bandage has been removed, and her paw seems to be healing well. In order for her not to lick the wound, and to allow it to dry, she was given a cone to wear. The plastic apparatus was making her quite disoriented, not to mention frustrated. After another visit to the vet, she was outfitted with an "Elizabethan collar". This collar is not as rigid, and can be worn up or down. Her frustration level has gone down a bit, and she can walk around the house with dignity... well, almost.

In knitting news, I completed the Socks That Rock socks in "Carbon Dating", and have started a new pair in "Seal Rock".

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cool Buddha Tonic Yarn!

Look at the amazing yarn I got in the mail today! This picture really doesn't do justice to the richness of the colors, sadly so (my camera really sucks). Charles at Cool Buddha Tonic dyes his own yarns. He is quite multi-talented, as you can see yourself from his blog. He also included a handmade card, which I'm tempted to frame and hang in my new office.
I'm not quite sure what I will be knitting, but I'm sure it will be for me. The beautiful shades of lavender, lilac and purples in this yarn are just my favourite! There is a feeling of sweetness to it, and Charles, quite appropriately named it Sweetness Memories. I just love the names he comes up with for his yarns!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Broken toes...

On Thursday afternoon, Sophie and the sitter went to a pet store to pick up treats and other things. As they were leaving the store, a loud thunder freightened Sophie, and she ran into an oncoming shopping cart and hurt her paw. By the time they got home, it was bleeding a bit, and was swollen. We took her to the vet when we got home, and she had two broken toes, and an exposed wound. We had to try to keep her from running, and putting too much weight on it, and let me tell you it wasn't easy. It's a good thing she has plenty of chew toys to chew her frustrations away! This morning, I took her back to the vet to get her bright lime bandage changed, and they made this cute bandage with a little heart on it. I love the staff there, they're so friendly and caring. I have to go back on Wednesday, and the vet will decide then if she needs to be bandaged for another two more days or not. Wish us luck!