Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Couldn't wait anymore

I just couldn't wait anymore for new yarn. I just had to have some! So, Sophie and I got on the TTC (no longer on strike, thank you!), and went to Lettuce knit. I was looking for some Socks that Rock, but little did I know, it was all long time gone. Since I had been envying socks out of Koigu, and Trekking from other people's blog all winter, I decided it was time to indulge. Unfortunately, the colors have a bit more punch than on the picture (the lighting in my condo sucks big time). I just can't wait to start knitting a pair of socks for MOI. Yes, this time I'm knitting for myself!

When we came back from our little excursion, there was a note in our mailbox to advise me that I got a package. It was finally my yarn from Knit Picks. I'll be able to finish Sophie's blanket, and then move on to mostly socks during the summer.
Speaking of Socks, I'm within an inch of finishing the socks in Parade Checkers. I'll try to take a picture outdoors this time, in order to get a more accurate color and better lighting.

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