Monday, May 15, 2006

Scarf for Dulaan project

The deadline for the 2006 Dulaan project is arriving soon. I have completed a scarf, and I'm working on completing another one within the next day, and finally send my box in, and proudly add my Dulaan Project button. I'm having some problems with uploading pictures with my camera yet again. Hopefully I can figure it out before I send my box in and be able to post the scarf I'm working on. It's a basket weave pattern, and the yarn is old rose.

This weekend I was helping my sister packing (moving up in the world), and inherited some yarn I'll be able to use for Dulaan 2007. There's four balls of acrylic (I'm not a yarn snob, and will knit acrylic), and at least seven balls of merino wool in various colors. Her stash consists of six large plastic bin, packed in tight. She mostly crochets, but in the past few years have re-discovered the joys of knitting. She has shown some interest in the Dulaan project for 2007. Like our mom and myself, she always has some project on the go for local charities.

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