Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Still waiting...

Yes, I am still waiting for both yarns to arrive. At least I got a shipment confirmation from Knit Picks. What I got from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, in terms of acknowledgment, is an e-mail from PayPal saying that :"Your package will be shipped by PayPal Shipping with U.S. Postal Service!". Three hours later, I got a second e-mail and this time it says:"Blue Moon Fiber Arts Inc. has cancelled the shipping label for the reason below: Label Did Not Print". No further details were given, so I'm not sure if further label printing efforts will be made or not, or if another method of shipment will be used. I'm considering getting on my bike and going to Lettuce Knit, just to make sure I do get some Socks That Rock yarn. I'll just get a different colorway.

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