Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dulaan items sent!

Yay! I have completed my scarf and sent all my Dulaan items for 2006 this morning. I'm sending two scarves, one pair of mittens, and five pairs of socks ( two pair were knitted by my mom). Unfortunately, my camera is not co-operating, once again. It's not much this year, as I only heard of the Dulaan Project in March, but I intend on knitting at least twenty items for 2007. I have downloaded a few free patterns, and I'll try to send various items. I'm not quite sure which item is mostly needed, but I also plan on doing a bit of websurfing, and learn more about Mongolia, the people, and their culture. I'd like to send items that are to their liking. For example, the number three has a special meaning (reflecting the three sided aspects of the Universe like past- present- future or beginning- continuation- end or sky- earth- man), so I intend on including trios in the items: three stripes, three diamond shapes, etc. Here's are three examples of triad poems' paradox:

Three endless
Skies are endless,
Wisdom is endless
Stupidity is endless

Three treasures
Knowledge is supreme treasure
Children are highest treasures
Material things are lowest treasures

Three blues
Blues is the endless skydom
Blue is rainwater in a pond
Blue is water in flowing river

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Celtic Knitter said...

You and I must be on the same wave length . . . I also sent mine this morning. I also was researching Mongolia . . . I started a buddhist sweater but I never finished it. I will finish it for next year.