Sunday, May 07, 2006

Socks for the Dulaan Project, and visiting a Burmese

I must admit, I got a bit bored of knitting preemie hats (a dozen so far) and knitted a pair of socks that I'll send to the Dulaan Project , along with other knitted items. At first, I thought the picture was out of focus, but after the fourth picture, I realised that it's just the colors giving this illusion. The colors on the close-up picture are more accurate, for some reason.

Sophie and I spent yesterday at my friend Laurence's. She owns a Burmese named Tammy. It was just amazing how gentle such a big dog can be, and how careful she was when playing with Sophie. We all had a blast!


Celtic Knitter said...

What a great pic of your doggie!! I love the standing-on-the-hind-legs pose!!

RoadSide said...

I call that pose the "Godzilla." She is such a cutie! I love it when the little dogs take on the biggies! so cute!