Monday, May 22, 2006

Running out of yarn!

Aaaaaah! I'm running of yarn for Sophie's blanket. I have less than a quarter of a ball left, and it's clearly not enough to complete the blanket. I have placed an order with Knit Picks, and I really hope they still have the same lot number. One ball might be enough, but I've ordered two just to be safe. Better be safe than sorry.

In the meanwhile, I've been working on the Parade socks in Checkers (actually the sock in at the top of the page). They will go in my Christmas presents bin, but I have an idea of who the recipient will be. For obvious reasons (she reads my blog once in a while), I can't tell. Hopefully she will be surprised when she gets them.

1 comment:

elisabetha said...

Good for you for starting christmas presents so early. I'm still lagging behind two years for birthday presents! :p